Extend the life of your Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring provides a visually pleasing floor without the care and maintenance requirements of a true wood floor. However, attention to details is important in the installation process to insure a long lasting floor. Moisture and installation errors are at the top of the list for problems associated with laminate flooring. If a dishwasher, ice maker or toilet should develop a leak, the ensuing under floor moisture will wreak havoc on your laminate floor.
We are specifically trained and certified to perform the necessary inspection procedures and field testing that can lead to the determination of the cause of failure. Laminate flooring failures are usually related to improper specification, improper installation, moisture, manufacturing defects, improper maintenance or damage after installation.
How can you tell if your floor is behaving correctly or in serious distress? Signs like excessive gapping, cupping, crowning, buckling, splitting, cracking, swelling, lifting and scratching are common indicators of a laminate floor in distress. Unfortunately, most of these cannot correct themselves and often require replacement.

Complete Transparency

Our typical inspection report will provide the moisture content readings of the laminate floor and whatever substrate it is installed over. We also take readings of the home’s relative humidity. We’ll inspect for adequate expansion space. All information will be compared to manufacturer’s installation instructions and industry standards.
Our inspection report will note the conditions on the exterior of your house and the areas below the floor, such as basements and crawl spaces. This is to insure that the required environmental conditions are present to support a healthy laminate floor.