Expert Hardwood Inspection

The beauty of a hardwood floor diminishes quickly when problems arise. Often times there are unfortunate situations that arise and require some technical expertise. We are specifically trained and certified to perform the necessary inspection and field testing procedures that lead to the determination of the cause of failure. Hardwood flooring failures are usually related to improper specification, improper installation, manufacturing defects, improper maintenance or damage after installation.
How can you tell if your floor is behaving correctly or in serious distress? Tale-tells signs like excessive gapping, cupping, crowning, buckling, splitting, cracking, swelling, lifting, scratching, and splintering are common signs of a hardwood floor in distress. Some of these issues can correct themselves while others may require partial or full replacement.

Complete Transparency

Our typical inspection report provides the moisture content readings of the wood floor and whatever wooden substrate it is attached to. We also collect data pertaining to your home’s relative humidity and temperature. We will check nailing patterns to determine if your floor was properly nailed, inspect for adequate expansion space, determine if your flooring was properly acclimated to in-use conditions and note the overall conditions of your hardwood floor. All of this information will be compared to manufacturer’s installation requirements and industry standards.
Upon completion of your inspection, we will provide you with a written report listing all pertinent information about your floor and its history. Your report will have manufacturer’s instructions and industry standards citations that many involved in the process aren’t even aware of. The report will also contain photographic images of the affected flooring as well as microscopic images if necessary.
Should the unlikely need arise, our forensic flooring report can be used in any court procedure. We will consult with your attorney and appear in court as an expert witness if you wish. (additional charges will apply)