Protect your investment

Your carpet says a lot about your business. Clean, well maintained carpet creates a professional image. Though companies spend a lot of money for their flooring, it’s not uncommon to find floors that are abused. We believe that you have one chance to make a first impression – do it right, with clean carpet!
Our “Constant Care” approach breaks down your building floor plan to identify the areas and degree of maintenance for the proper care of your carpet. We are a Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval Service Provider. Most carpet cleaners will tell you that you need to clean the entire building. That simply isn’t always the case. Offices seldom need the cleaning frequency that the main corridors require. Our low moisture dual-cylindrical counter-rotating brush cleaning method eliminates the buildup of sticky chemical residues and soil. Plus, our method is approved by Shaw Contract Group, The Mohawk Group, Tandus Flooring, Beaulieu Commercial, Interface Flor, J & J Invision and the Mannington Group.

Complete Transparency

You can extend the life of your carpet with an effective preventative maintenance program. Preventative maintenance is the least costly but most important and effective way of protecting and extending the life of your carpet. Since most soil is tracked in to buildings on the feet of employees, customers, visitors, etc, the first step would be to begin at the source of soiling.

Effective Preventative Maintenance

Walk-Off / Entrance Mats
Entry mats do a great job of collecting soil before it has a chance to get into the building. There are two basic categories of mat that do two completely different things. Soil removal mats are used at the exterior entrances and are designed to remove soil from the bottom of shoes. Absorbent mats are used at the interior entrances and are designed to keep moisture from getting on to the carpet. Depending on the construction of the mat's surface, a good rule of thumb is to get them long enough to cover at least six footsteps. This should be adequate to remove the soil from the shoes.
Without a doubt, regular vacuuming in your commercial facility is the single most important process in your preventative maintenance program. Regular vacuuming can also significantly improve the air you breathe. Depending on the make and model, Vacuum cleaners can remove up to 85% of the dry soil that has found its way into your carpet. Most manufacturers recommend a commercial, dual motor upright, top loading vacuum cleaner. We recommend you find this at the Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval / Green Label Vacuum Cleaner Program. See the chart below for recommended vacuuming frequency schedule.
Attention to Spills
The longer a spot or spill remains in the carpet, the better chance it has of becoming a permanent stain. The good news is that most commercial carpets are stain resistant and cleaning spots and spills is relatively easy. Before you attempt to clean up a spot or spill, keep in mind that carpet is a fabric and has a delicate side to it. Scrubbing and rubbing with brushes or towels can distort the surface with permanent damage. The Carpet and Rug Institute provides a great spot and spill resource at their When Spills Happen We Have Answers page.
Restorative Cleaning
We use CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ because it combines the encapsulating benefits of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA with the power of stabilized hydrogen peroxide to break up and remove tough organic spots from carpeting. Used as a pre-spray and agitated in with dual-cylindrical counter-rotating brush machines, CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ makes quick work of cleaning organic soils in cafeterias, food service areas, dormitories, senior living facilities and more - all with 30 minute dry times. This pre-spray is designed for those times when hot water extraction isn’t an option due to its disruption and cost.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Light Traffic: Private Office and Cubicles

Vacuum: 2+ times per week

Spot Removal: As Needed

Interim Cleaning: As Needed

Restorative Cleaning: Once Annually

Moderate Traffic: Shared Offices, Conference Rooms, and Classrooms

Vacuum: 1 Time per Day

Spot Removal: As Needed

Interim Cleaning: As Needed

Restorative Cleaning: Twice Annually

Heavy Traffic: Common Entrances, Elevators, Main Hallways, Work Rooms, Patient Rooms, and Waiting Areas

Vacuum: 1+ Times per Day

Spot Removal: As Needed

Interim Cleaning: Once Monthly

Restorative Cleaning: 4 Times Annually

Extra Heavy Traffic, Common Entrances to Cafeterias, Food Service, and Dining Rooms

Vacuum: 1+ Times per Day

Spot Removal: As Needed

Interim Cleaning: Once Weekly

Restorative Cleaning: Once Monthly