Protect your investment

And now here you are with these beautiful new floors… Quick – How do you take care of them? How often should you vacuum? What kind of vacuum should you use? Do you need floor mats? What kind and how big? Do they go on the exterior or interior? When should the carpet be cleaned and with what type of equipment? Where do I buy it and how much does it cost? What are the right scientific solutions to put on my floor? Are all areas maintained equally? What do I use if there is a spill? Who do I call when I have a problem?

Certified Expert Maintenance

These are all the common questions we’re asked on a regular basis. And we have the answers to each and every one. Joe Denman is an IICRC Certified Master Textile Cleaner and his experience will help you solve all of your carpet maintenance issues. We are a CRI Seal of Approval Approved Service Provider. We know the equipment, the chemicals and the frequency that needs to be employed in your facility.
Joe is available to meet your maintenance staff and go over all the details about the proper maintenance of your floor. He’ll design a customized plan based on your floor type, floor plan and floor usage. He’ll tell you how often to vacuum, how often to perform interim cleaning and how often to perform restorative cleaning practices.