An unbiased eXAMINATION

Millions of square yards of carpet are installed throughout this country on an annual basis. A very small percentage will develop some kind of an issue that may require resolution. Sometimes it becomes necessary to involve an unbiased third party to determine the true cause of a flooring problem. It is not at all uncommon to find yourself alone in a conflict with the other involved parties. Perhaps they have sent their own representative (often on their payroll) to your location only to inform you that there is no problem.
That’s where Joe Denman & Associates becomes beneficial to you. We have no financial interest in the outcome of your carpet problem. We will perform a complete and thorough inspection of the affected area while paying strong attention to the details. Details that their representatives usually can’t cover because they lack the knowledge, training, certifications, and tools to complete the task.

Complete transparency

Upon completion of your inspection, we will provide you with a written report listing all pertinent information about your carpet and its history. Your report will have manufacturer’s instructions and industry standards citations that many involved in the process aren’t even aware of. The report will also contain photographic images of the affected carpet as well as microscopic images if necessary.
Should the unlikely need arise, our forensic flooring report can be used in any court procedure. We will consult with your attorney and appear in court as an expert witness if you wish. (additional charges will apply).